Preparing for the last day of the trail.

I cannot believe it is our last day of the E17 Art Trail 2014. I am really looking forward to it and stayed up sewing till late last night. Inspired by the world cup my daughter and I sewn England flag hairband. Come and check them out! A cup of tea is waiting for you.

Yesterday I visited the best sewing shop in the world! Sew Amazing Ltd Click on the link below and you will be directed to their website.

Robb saved my old machines from being scrapped and gave advice on what machine would fit my sewing needs best.

I bought a new sewing machine (long overdue birthday present) and collected the one they repaired. Robb took all the time in the world to explain the new machine to me. He showed me how it worked and I had a good go as well. So reassuring that you are able to use the machine you buy first.

Hester x

Cup of tea please!

Cup of tea please!